Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Work From Home Jobs 4u really free to join?

Yes absolutely. Work From Home Jobs 4u is a completely free service to join and use, no catch!

Are my personal details kept safe?

Yes. We value your privacy with utmost care and we promise to never share your personal information with any 3rd party. We are also fully GDPR compliant, you can find out more by reading our Privacy Policy here.

Do I have to do all of the jobs you send me?

No of course not. You can basically pick and choose between the job opportunities that we send you, however, to make the most income we do advise you to try and take part in as many as you can.

Is this a legitimate scheme or are you a scam?

We are 100% legitimate! Although there are some scams out there, we have taken the time to join forces with some the top and very creditable companies. We only send you 100% verified job opportunities, we will not send you anything that we would not be happy with.

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